So the kayaking bug has bitten you and you can’t wait to go out and play in the river, rapids or even the sea? Kayaking is a low-impact sport which lets you get closer to nature and see sights while giving you a good workout. Before you hit the open waters here are a few expert tips to ease your way into this amazing sport.

Choosing the Boat
Picking the right boat is key. You don’t need to go for the most streamlined boat out there when you are starting. Go for a wide boat that you sit on top of rather than in. These boats do not make you feel confined as a beginner and they are also much easier to get back on if the boat flips.

Choosing the Paddle
When you choose your paddle, go for a high-quality, lightweight paddle. The paddle should be well-balanced and fit in your hand. Choose a paddle with a shaft whose width suits the size of your hand and a length that suits your height.

Wear a life jacket
Life jackets are called life jackets for a reason. Always wear a personal flotation device even when you think you are in control of the situation. Conditions can change rapidly and even the strongest of swimmers cannot battle strong currents or injuries or hypothermia.

Watch the weather
Always check the conditions and the tide before heading out. Strong winds are usually to blame when things go wrong on the water. Whether you are going out for an afternoon trip or an expedition of several days, always remember to check the forecast beforehand.

Paddle with Friends
Paddling with company assures you that if something happens, you will have a helping hand. whether with a first aid kit or to get help or to even pull you to safety. The joy of kayaking and seeing the sights increases manifold when shared with a friend.

Don’t lose your way
Always mark your launch point with a large, recognizable object so you can find your way back. A colored fabric tied to trees around your launch point will be conspicuous even in poor light. And if you are not sure of your way around, go with an experienced guide.

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