Kayaks are among the most popular watercrafts used in exploring ocean coastlines, lakes and rivers. Currently, there are many kayak types in the market which you can use in different paddling environments. These kayak types largely differ in terms of size, design and construction materials.

Here is a list of the main kayak types you can find in the market today:

1. Sit-On-Top Kayaks

These are open deck boats that are stable and easy to paddle on any water body. Sit-on-top kayaks are ideal for both novice and experienced paddlers. You can use them in lakes, seas, lakes, rivers, estuaries and canals. A typical sit-on-top kayak can accommodate more than one person and sizable cargo or gear.

2. Touring Kayaks

Touring kayaks are boats designed for use in open waters like lakes, oceans and unobstructed rivers. They are usually very stable, comfortable to sit in and easy to paddle. While some are meant for a relaxing afternoon paddle, others are built for long or extended expeditions. You can go on a water adventure with this type of kayaks regardless of your paddling abilities.

3. Sea Kayaks

Sea kayaks are mostly used in oceans and other large water bodies that are unpredictable. They are usually designed with long, narrow bodies (between 15 and 19 ft) with lifted hulls. For that reason, the boats are very quick and can cut through the waters quite easily. If you’re planning to go on a camping or long trip, a sea kayak can be the most ideal because it has enough hatches for cargo and gear storage.

4. Whitewater Kayaks

As the name suggests, whitewater kayaks are boats designed to be used in rivers, waterfalls and creeks with rapids or fast moving waters. They are usually shorter than the traditional kayaks and have a curved bottom for easier maneuverability in tumultuous waters. Majority of designs come with a flat front to add stability to the boat.

5. Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks are boats that are designed for flat water paddling. They are typically light, buoyant and maneuverable. However, they tend to be slower and less rugged compared to traditional kayaks. The only advantage they have over hard-shell boats is that they are compact to store, easy to transport and hassle-free to launch.

6. Fishing Kayaks

These are boats that are designed for recreational fishing. Majority of fishing kayak models feature coolers, rods and built-in tackle boxes. They also come with rod holders to make your fishing adventure easier.

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