The Noosa River is endowed with pristine waters that are ideal for boating, kayaking and paddle boarding. You can take a leisurely tour down the river or get on an adrenaline-rush kayak racing with friends. Kayak Hire Noosa makes paddling tours and trips even easier. There are many types of high quality kayaks to sample from including sea kayaks, sit-on-tops, single kayaks, double kayaks and standup paddle boards. The amount of fun you’ll get ideally depends on the kayak you choose and how far you’re willing to venture into the Noosa River

Things to Do In Noosa River 

Noosa Everglades Kayaking

The Noosa Everglades boasts of crystal clear and peaceful waters ideal for leisurely kayaking. Nicknamed the �River of Mirrors’, the river gives you a perfect opportunity to enjoy cruising through the beautiful lush and the untouched landscape in an unforgettable kayaking experience. You can go an organized sunset kayak tour or opt for a self-guided adventure into the crystal clear waters. With Noosa Kayak Hire, you have everything to get you started.

Boating and Kayaking Lessons

The Noosa River is not only a place for the experienced kayakers but also a spot for beginners to learn new skill too. Kayaking and SUP boarding lessons are available in both basic and advanced packages. You’ll learn all the skills and maneuvers you need to know about kayaking and paddling as you also enjoy some fun-filled adventure.

Noosa Everglades BBQ Lunch Cruise

The Noosa Everglades provides you an amazing opportunity to escape the crowds of the Sunshine coast and venture into the serene waters in a well-planned cruise itinerary. A typical cruise tour can take you through the unspoiled waterways and allow you to see Noosa River’s abundant bird and wildlife. You can also enjoy morning tea, BBQ lunch and plenty of photo opportunities on every cruise.

Cost of Kayak Hire Noosa

Renting a kayak can give you an opportunity to explore the Noosa River in a more fun-filled adventure compared to a guided tour. The cost of hiring a kayak will largely depend on the type of kayak and the period of hire. You can choose to hire a one seater kayak for a solo trip or a two or three seater kayak for family trip. Kayaks are also available for one-full day hire and week(s) expeditions. Contact the Kayak Hire Noosa centers for more information about kayak hires and tours.

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