Canberra is one of the best holiday destinations that offer unlimited water adventure opportunities in the Southeast Coast of Australia. Lake Burley Griffin, which is at the centre of Canberra, provides an idyllic location for swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding. With over 40 Kilometers of shoreline, there are plenty of spots on the lake where you can anchor and explore. Kayak Hire Canberra center near the lake can supply you with crafts and accessories you need for your adventures.

3 Major Spots to Explore In Lake Burley Griffin

Springbank and Aspen Islands

If you’re looking for a more relaxed paddling, then an adventure these two islands on Lake Burley Griffin can be the most ideal. Springbank, which is found on the West Basin and Aspen Island, located in the Central Basin, offer wonderful opportunities for canoeing, kayaking and SUP paddling. With Kayak hire Canberra, you can venture into the sea for a fun-filled group tour or self-guided trip.

Black Mountain Peninsula

The Black Mountain Peninsula Park is a perfect spot where you can enjoy magnificent views across the lake and encounter lots of birdlife. Ideal for people of all ages, the park provides convenient access to the lake for canoeing, rowing and sailing. After an adrenaline-filled kayaking experience, you can enjoy a picnic with your family or friends in the facilities provided in the park.

Yarralumla Bay

This bay is primarily designed for water-based recreational activities and provides an area for boat launching. Other areas on the bay are set aside for shaded picnics, swimming, and recreational cycleway. The western part of the area has a number of rowing clubhouses, piers, launching ramps and wharf. Here, you can take your friends or family members for a paddling or kayaking craze.

Best Kayak Hire Canberra Providers

The only Stand up Paddle (SUP) Board and kayak Hire centre available in Canberra is The Paddle Hub. Located at YMCA Aquatic Recreation Centre in Yarralumla Bay, Lake Burley Griffin, the kayak provider offers a fantastic way of enjoying fun adventures while exploring the lake. Contact the company to make a booking or hire a kayak for an unlimited adventure into Lake Burley Griffin.

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