Adelaide is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations not only because of its pristine location but also because of the abundant marine life, birdlife and availability of water sports activities. The Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is the city’s favorite outdoor adventure spot. This wetland boasts of crystal clear waters that are great for kayaking, boarding and fishing. With kayak hire Adelaide, you can enjoy unlimited adventure into the water for a memorable holiday experience. To the Southeast of Adelaide lies the Coorong National Park, which offers great opportunities for bird watching, kayaking, camping walking and 4WD driving. Its serenity, sheer diversity and close proximity to Adelaide city makes it a very popular park to spend time in.

Fun Activities to Engage In While In Adelaide

Kayak Hire and Kayak Tours

Kayak hire Adelaide centres offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy comfortable and easy tours down the waters. At the Dolphin Adelaide Sanctuary, you can glide through the beautiful mangrove lined waters, paddle around the dolphins and pass through the famous Ship’s Graveyard. There are also plenty of opportunities for taking pictures for an even more memorable adventure. Other major spots in Adelaide ideal for kayaking/canoeing include the Murray River, the Coorong National Park and the Kangaroo Island waters. Be sure to look for kayak hire and tour centres in Adelaide for fun-filled water sports activities.

SUP Paddle Boarding

Apart from boat and kayak hire Adelaide, there are many companies that offer Stand up paddle (SUP) boards for hire. With these boards, you can venture into the waters for a self-guided tour of the pristine Adelaide region. If you’re looking for flatwater areas, then West Lakes, the Patawalunga River, Glenelg River, Torrens River and Adelaide Onkaporinga can be the best spots to visit. If you are a beginner in SUP paddling, you can visit Port Noarlunga, Goolwa River and Moana Tourist Park to learn some new skills.

Murray River Riverboat Tour

There are plenty of cruise tour companies in Adelaide that offer amazing through the iconic waterways of Murray River. Being one of Australia’s longest rivers, Murray provides a natural pathway that guarantees access to the scenic areas in the country. With Murray River Cruise, you can experience firsthand, the riverlife including native fish, crayfish, turtles and the Australian platypus. Most tour companies include stunning river scenery, buffet lunch and spectacular photos opportunities in their tour packages.

Kangaroo Island Quad Bike Tour

The Kangaroo Island allows you to explore the wide terrain of over 500 acres of open grassland and pristine native bushes. You’ll splash through the muddy trails, venture off-road and challenge yourself in the gravel tracks with an ATV (All-terrain vehicle). The island also offers spectacular viewpoints and you can enjoy spectacular scenery on a sunset tour.

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