Kayaking refers to moving across the water
with the use of kayak. It is similar to canoeing, sitting position of the
kayaker remains same facing forward with both legs in front and giving
direction via two headed paddle. The person doing Kayaking is known as Kayaker.

Australia have some of the finest Kayakers like Nathan
Baggaley, Grant Kenny, Ken Wallace etc. Lets discuss about some of these famous
kayakers of Australia.

Kenneth Maxwell Wallace: Also Known as Kenny, Kenneth
Maxwell Wallace is a Kayaker of Australia who
started in mid 2000s an has who Gold in the 2008 Summer Olympics and in
many World Championships. He has also served a doping ban with Australia’s Best
Nathan Baggaley in 2006 Canoe Sprint World Championship.

Clint David Robinson: The Kayaker
has won the complete set of Medals at the Summer Olympics, which includes a
Gold in 1992 Barcelona k-1 1000m race, a silver in Athens k-2 5oom race and a
Bronze in 1996 Atlanta again in K-1 1000m race. Apart from this Clint Robinson
also had a promising career in Rugby which is less known to the people.

Nathan Baggaley: Baggaley is a
winner of two Silver Medals at the Olympics. He is known to be the best
Australian Kayaker of Australia, but due to drug abuse his career has now
vanished. Apart from it Baggaley has won several other World Championships.

Annemarie Cox: Also known as Anna
Wood, she has won two bronze medals in olympic games, one in 1988 Seoul another
in 1996 Atlanta, both medals she has won in k-2 500m races.

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