Kayaking as a sport is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. More and more people enjoy the flexibility of kayaking than water sports. It takes a lot of experience and a certain amount of skill before you can really try sea kayaking. Practice practicing an inflatable kayak and practice in less turbulent waters such as a lake or river. When practicing, ask for adequate support to know the necessary maneuvers and safety precautions. Below is a brief overview of what those who spend their time kayaking can expect to experience.

Weight Loss
Kayaking is exercise, especially for those who like to get out on the water and move around for extended periods of time. Estimates have indicated that paddling a kayak for one hour can burn approximately 400 – 500 calories depending on a person’s size and metabolism. Therefore, a day of kayaking can burn thousands of calories, which equates to the number of calories burned in a long-distance run without the pain, wear and tear on knees and ankles.

Muscle Fitness
The movement involved with paddling a kayak incorporates just about every muscle group in the upper body, and even some in the lower body because of the need for a strong base of support inside the kayak. These muscle groups include the arms, shoulders, chest, back and perhaps most importantly the core. Core stability and training is an entire subset of programs offered by personal trainers, but paddling a kayak gives you the same benefits without sweating it out in an indoor gym.

Cardiovascular Benefits
In addition to the weight loss and muscle fitness that are byproducts of paddling a kayak, there are also cardiovascular gains that every kayaker makes when moving his or her kayak across the water. Learning to breathe in rhythm with the movement of every stroke will condition your lungs to inhale and exhale deeply and smoothly, and over time this approach will provide you with more energy and endurance in just about every activity that’s part of your day.

Stress Relief

Finally, there are psychological benefits to kayaking as well. Multiple studies have shown that exercise is one of the healthiest forms of stress relief because of the hormones excreted and because of other physiological processes that result from exerting yourself. The fact that you can obtain this benefit while having fun out on the water and under the sun only adds to the pleasure that can be derived from kayaking.
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